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Peachtree Accounting Software

It goes without saying, but small business owners work many, many hours.  Their livelihood depends on ensuring all facets of the business are handled properly, including human resources, accounting, inventory and sales.

Obtaining and keeping customers and employees, making sure they are satisfied, and ensuring that accounting records are kept in order are a few of the challenges a small business owner constantly faces.

Another important aspect of small business ownership is that most owners and operators are not accountants.

Sage Peachtree Accounting Software knows and understands small business.  Their software program helps owners to effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of small business ownership.

Sage Peachtree Pro Accounting 2012 is full of user-friendly accounting features that perform the basics and more, including the control of cash flow and the management of employees.  It also includes:

  • Banking
  • Vendors and Purchases
  • Inventory and Services
  • Employees and Payroll
  • Customers and Sales

Peachtree Accounting SoftwarePeachtree Accounting Software allows business owners to automate invoices and checks, record customer payments, track sales and inventory and manage employees.

The software’s use of double-entry accounting principles helps reduce errors and prevent fraud with automatic accounting checks and module-level security. When it comes to reports, Peachtree Accounting software is second to none.

It contains over 80 reports to customize to your specifications, plus, financial statements and comparative budgeting, enabling business owners the opportunity to gain additional insights into their operations.

The 2012 version of Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting can master advanced inventory requirements as well as complicated job costing. It can aid in the management of vendors, payroll, reports, cash flow and online banking.

New features for Peachtree Accounting Software 2012

  • Copy transactions, such as quotes, purchase orders, proposals and invoices.
  • The Sage Advisor is a tool that helps business owners learn the software.
  • Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence provides an improved analysis and reporting system.
  • Simplifying the task of tracking vendor quantities and information as well as establishing preferred vendors is done using the Vendor Management Center.
  • A system check for Sage Peachtree that helps keep an eye on any issues there may be with the software, this in turn helps with reducing any downtime or conflicts.

The features of Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting Software briefly reviewed in this article include the ease of use, help and support, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, banking, time billing, job costing, general ledger, fixed assets, conversions and updates and reporting.

Help and Support

Sage offers both monthly and yearly support, plus Sage has three levels of a business care plan, with high-level support requiring a subscription.  The monthly plan includes chat, phone and e-mail support, plus users have access to an online support library.

The annual plan adds some extras, including data recovery, Excel support, study guides, and even password retrieval.  Different plans are also available offering many other support options such as unlimited support, upgrades, discounts and online training.

For a yearly fee of $229, they also offer courses through Sage University, allowing users access to more than 125 topics, in addition to more support options.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable section in the Peachtree software is powerful, yet it’s simple to use. It allows for the management of vendors, the ability to write checks, enter bills, process credits, and void checks.  Sage Peachtree Online Bill Pay is an online bill paying option for electronically paying bills, and is offered for a minimal fee.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable module enables businesses to manage customers, as well as time, expenses and jobs. Viewing aged receivables, transactions, sales journals, cash receipt reports, and invoice registers are all functions made simple by using Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting software.


Payroll is a necessary, vitally important, and often complicated aspect of small business management.  Peachtree Accounting Software can store important employee information, such as e-mail addresses, withholding information, an image, and even custom fields. Sage also offers a unique and valuable payroll service that provides important forms, and the calculation of taxes.


The inventory management feature allows a business, reorder quantities, track locations of stock, establish preferred vendors and sort by merchandise by either SKU or UPC.


Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting has the capability to write checks, as well as void checks, reconcile accounts, make deposits, accept credit cards by mail, telephone, online, or via a mobile device.  Direct deposit is also available through Peach Sync, which requires a subscription, as is the case with most other software programs.

Time Billing

Small business owners never seem to have enough time and always have too many expenses. The time billing feature of Peachtree Accounting Software Time can manage information such as customer IDs, employee IDs, activities and their associated invoices, among other things.  It can also create expense quotes, as well as daily and weekly time tickets, and sales invoices. Using the time ticket makes it possible to clock billable time of a project.

Job Costing

Jobs can be created, viewed and edited, and details such as customer information, supervisor, estimated expenses, custom fields, due dates and job status can all be tracked using this software feature.

General Ledger

Accountants find the general ledger particularly useful, particularly the seven reports available in the general ledger section, which include the ledger balance, journal, and income statement reports.

Fixed Assets

Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting can handle as many as 200 fixed assets and can calculate depreciation. It even provides tax reports.  Sage FAS, used for tracking fixed assets from purchase to sale or disposal, can manage of the value of for insurance reporting.


Sage makes it easy to convert from QuickBooks 2008-2010, while Quicken and other programs have to be converted.


Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting does not use complicated accounting terms, but does have journals, ledgers and reports needed by accountants, in addition to an audit trail tool to aid in the detection of errors and the ability to track transaction history.

The software is presented in workflow format so you can quickly perform routine processes in an organized and logical manner.

Accounting is a necessary function of any business and thankfully Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting is the perfect solution for just about any small business, based on numerous industry and customer reviews. Even those who have little or no accounting experience will find that Sage is simple to use, even as your business continues to grow.

Sage offers several options that require a subscription and/or are available for a fee, but are well worth the investment if they help manage a small business more efficiently and profitably.

Sage assists you in managing your business, presenting the professionalism of your company. For mor info on Peachtree Accounting click here.

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