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Best Church Accounting Software

Church accounting software is different than normal software because churches are not-for-profit organizations. Due to this fact, they require a specialized software program for accounting functions. Because they receive donations, they track funds different than regular businesses.

Member donations must be tracked for tax purposes. Also, any donations that are given that are to be used for a specific purpose or project, such as building a new church, must be specified that they are going to that particular project.

Lets Take A Look At Some Of The Best Church Accounting Software Packages

There are many church accounting software programs available today. Here are three of the commonly used programs.

• Sage Fund Accounting

Sage Fund Church Accounting SoftwareSage Fund Accounting meets the complex challenges of non-profit financial management. It’s simple to report multiple funds and programs with this software programs. Sage Fund Accounting allows users to maintain a clear audit trail, and easily create specialized financial reports for internal and external key stakeholders.

Sage Fund Accounting includes a flexible built in report writer. With Sage Fund Accounting, users can configure and customize the system exactly how their church needs to track and report data. Users can report on multiple fiscal years in the same report or create custom reports that cross fiscal years. It’s easy to create custom report templates, and the software also produces 990 worksheets for assisting in compiling information for the federal form 990. Click here for more information.

• Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition

Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition - Best Church Accounting softwareQuickbooks Nonprofit Edition is a very popular software program for churches. The program not only works well for churches, but other non-profit organizations as well. Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition is a simple program that even those with limited accounting knowledge can master. And, for an additional fee, users can purchase QuickBooks Online Payroll option, which many churches find helpful because they are often not familiar with the payroll process.

Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition includes an audit trail, which tracks any changes made. A report is provided for all changes made to transactions, showing what the original transaction was and what change was made, who made the change, and also the date the change was made, which can certainly be important information to have. This report is available on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, depending on specifications set by the user.

The customer support for Quickbooks Nonprofit Edition is excellent, which is one of the reasons the software is so popular.

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• PowerChurch Software

Power church accounting softwarePowerChurch was the first online version of church software for accounting purposes. With this online type of software, users can access the information anywhere that you have an internet connection. It works just like an online e-mail account such as Yahoo or Hotmail. The information is stored on a server, rather than on your computer, and can be called up from any computer. There are two versions of PowerChurch, and the online version charges a monthly fee.

PowerChurch is an all-in-one package, including sections for accounting, donations, membership management and more, making it stand out from competitors. Most other accounting packages for churches have separate modules for everything.

One problem with PowerChurch is that those that aren’t familiar with accounting may find it difficult to understand. The average church staff may not have a lot of accounting knowledge and this could make it hard to use the program. Visit the Powerchurch website.


These are three popular programs that churches use for accounting purposes, but there are many other church accounting software programs. When selecting a program, look for one that is for a not-for-profit organization. Read reviews and find out what users have to say about the ease of use of the program and its capabilities. A church should always choose a church accounting software in order to be able to track donations, which is not possible with regular accounting software programs.

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